“All the sects in Xuzhou, Qingzhou and Yangzhou will be ordered to recall all the men’s disciples within one day. After the time limit of the men’s sect has passed, if there are any disciples of the sect outside, they will be regarded as colluding with all the rebellious people. All the sects will be killed and eradicated.” The next day, Fang Yun’s tough order, spread throughout the three States, all sects for Fang Yun’s order, there is awe, disdain, do not care at all, but all this, for Fang Yun is not important. On the fourth day, Fang Yun personally killed all the monks in the five cities of Liucheng, Fengcheng, Mocheng, March City and Shuijing City. On the fifth day, thousands of monks in more than ten cities were pierced by wooden stakes and gathered outside the city for public display In the realms of Xuzhou, Yangzhou and Qingzhou, all sects should use severe penalties to shake the world Confucian robbery is just a sign that Fang Yun knows very well in his heart that this storm will become a moving dng sweeping the world. I don’t know how many people are involved in it, and I don’t know how many civilians are going to die in it. Every time the world moves, it is bound to be a loss of life sweeping the world. At this time, if the soft-hearted sects release the wrong signal, Let them add the stupid movement. Since ancient times, kindness is not in charge of soldiers, otherwise it will bring disaster to the country and the people. Fang Yun is a military commander,micro gear motor, commanding the army of suppression. At this time, there is no room for mercy. All of a sudden, many related Xi sects were eradicated one after another within the three States. People in the sects, everyone was in danger. Many sects recalled their disciples one after another Xuzhou Zhencheng Fang Yun sat still, his arms on the armrest, showing a boundless power. “My Lord, the Xuanxin Sect has been exterminated.” “The Holy Cloud Pavilion has also come.” “Ling Yun Zong extermination” “Extermination of Bibo Mansion” A famous commander returned one after another, and each of them led the troops to unify, and went to suppress the chalkiness and suppress the sects. With the cultivation of the sixth grade of Tianchong,small geared motors, it was naturally more than enough to suppress some xi-type and medium-sized sects. “My Lord, now in Xuzhou, there are only two major sects, the Vientiane Sect and the Qing Wei Sect. These two sects are deeply rooted and have existed for thousands of years. With our ability, we simply do not have the strength to destroy them. These two sects both have three-image instruments. If you want to clean up these two sects, you must ask the royal family and mobilize the Shenwei army.” Wang Yichong, the seventh commander, said respectfully. “Well,” Fang Yunwei said thoughtfully, his appointment this time was just to suppress the storm against Confucianism, not to wipe out the two sects, Vientiane Sect and Qing Wei Sect, which were not within his scope of dealing with. “How is the investigation going on the matter of the twelfth day?” Fang Yundao “Back to the Lord, the location has been identified, in a valley.” The other leads the way. “So..” , out “” On the border of Xuzhou and Yangzhou, a dense undulating forest spreads boundlessly, and the area covered by this primeval forest is a place where many fierce animals come and go. There is no post road here, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,24v Gear Motor, nor human habitation, but a very remote place, deep in the forest, there is a naturally formed valley. In this valley, I saw pavilions and pavilions, and many figures leaping back and forth between these pavilions. These people had fierce eyes, majestic breath, and a strong killer breath on their bodies. This nameless valley, is the killer’s most powerful organization, “twelve days” in the general cabinet, twelve days is a very famous, it is famous, just because he undertook a variety of secular assassination tasks, including military generals and civil servants. However, few people know that the other famous sects, “Tiange” and “Shierchen”, are actually the same organization, but the objects they undertake are different. The “Heaven Pavilion” carries on the killing of gratitude and resentment in the sectarian circles, while the Twelve Chen only carries on the killing of assassinations below the level of land change. All over Kyushu, the assassination campaign against Confucianism was launched by the “Twelve Chen” and many big Xixi organizations. In the secret room under the valley, two men were sitting cross-legged and drinking tea silently. These two normal key figures in this Confucian robbery. “Lord Ji, the leader of our alliance, is very satisfied with your action in Tiange.”
The man who spoke had a magnificent and heroic breath and only a pair of eyes. His black and cold look was quite different from the temperament he showed. He was about forty or fifty years old. He was wearing a black and white Taoist suit with a bun and ebony dusk. The striking “medieval” embroidery on his chest marked his identity. “Our medieval alliance will never treat its allies unfairly. This is the medieval secret book and Dan y promised by the leader of the alliance.” Man said, big sleeve a shake, a few black se cover of the medieval secret book, slip out of these secret books, the whole body scattered with curling black fog, dark, yin evil. On the other side of the tea table, a middle-aged man with elegant temperament and broad palms sits cross-legged. His breath is very gentle. If you just look at his appearance, few people can associate this man with the head of a killer cabinet. With a smile on his face, Li Youdao said that he was polite, but with an unceremonious big sleeve rolled up in his hand, he took the secret book of medieval martial arts on the table, together with Dan y, as a matter of course: “It is also the glory of our Tiange to cooperate with the medieval alliance this time. If we can cooperate with the medieval alliance, we must be able to be strong in the future. However, this action.” Has exhausted all our resources, to reach this step, is already our limit behind the action, I’m afraid we can’t participate in the heard, big week court there, great anger, sent a lot of experts, yearning for all parties to suppress our day pavilion, after all, is only a Xi force, not as good as the ancient alliance, the great cause of the court anger, this matter.. Li Youdao said with a difficult face. The left protector of the Middle Ancient Alliance sneered in his heart. Li Youdao’s little thought, how could he not know that he just didn’t want to work harder? However, he didn’t care about the strength of the Middle Ancient Alliance, and he didn’t care about today’s pavilion at all. Had it not been for the fact that the Confucianists were too restrained from the noble righteousness and evil ways, they would have been roared out of their wits. Where would these killers be needed? “Don’t worry, Lord Li,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, you don’t have to get involved in the next thing. The leader of our alliance has his own arrangements. As for the pressure of the court this time, the damage that Tiange will bear..” Naturally, we will compensate. ichgearmotor.com

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