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No one is allowed to accept alexandros’s property. And don’t pick up Helen! The battle is so clear that even a fool can see it; Now, the rope of death has strangled the throat of the Trojan! When they heard this, all the sons of the Achaeans cried out, Agree with the admonition of the horseman Diomedes. Then the mighty Agamemnon said to Ideos: “You have heard the voice of the Achaeans with your own ears, Ideos.” That is their answer, and that is my will. But I have absolutely nothing to say about a truce and the burning of corpses; The bodies of the dead should not be left for long. When a soldier falls down, he should be comforted by the fire as soon as possible. This is my oath. Let Zeus be the witness, husband of Hera, the God of thunder. Agamemnon vowed to raise his royal staff and accept the supervision of all the gods. Ideos heard the oath and turned to return to the sacred Ilion. At that time, the Trojans and Daldanians were gathering. Gathered in one place, waiting for the messenger for a long time. Return. He came, stood in the crowd, and announced. Bring back the news. The crowd immediately began to prepare. Divided into two teams, one team went to collect corpses, and the other team was responsible for collecting firewood. On the other side of the battlefield, the Argivi stepped out of their sturdy ships, Prepare separately, one team went to collect the body, and the other team was responsible for collecting the village salary. The sun, which has just appeared, sprinkles the morning light on the fields of farmers. Rising from the rippling,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, deep-flowing Okeanos River, Step on the ladder of the sky. The two sides met on the battlefield. And they washed the flesh of the carcase with clean water, Identify the dead comrades one by one. With hot tears. Load them into the cart. King Priam, however, forbade his men to wail, He had to silently pile the dead on the pyre and endure his grief. Set fire to the body and return to Holy Ilion. Similarly, on the other side, the Achaeans,wire nail machine manufacturers, who had strong shin armor, were also positive. Piling their dead on a pyre, struggling to grieve, Set fire to the body and turn back to the deep sea ship. When the dawn has not yet broken the net of the night, the night and the day are interwoven in chaos. A select group of Achaeans were already standing around the pyre. And they built a sepulchre upon the ashes, of the clay of the plain, Cover all the dead. They built a tall structure in front of the grave. Parapet, as a barrier to defend the ships and themselves. A gate was built on the wall and connected with the parapet beads. As a passage, so that horses and chariots can travel unimpeded. On the outer edge of the wall, close to the foundation, they dug a wide and deep ditch; A wide and deep trench was buried with pickets. In this way, the long-haired Akayans are busy working hard. And the gods in the sky gathered around Zeus, the God of lightning. Gazing at the immense project undertaken by the bronze-clad Achaeans. Poseidon, the God of the split earth, nail manufacturing machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, spoke first and said: Father Zeus, who else is there in the world today? Will inform the gods of his thoughts and plans? Don’t you see? These long-haired Achaeans. A parapet has been built over the ship, A deep ditch has been dug, but no rich sacrifice has been offered to us. The fame of the high wall will shine like the dawn, and People will forget another wall, by me and Foibus Apollo. Hand-built, for the hero Lao Modong’s castle. Zeus was greatly disturbed by the words. The gatherer of the clouds replied: “What are you talking about, the God of shaking the earth in the distance!”! If another God, his power and fury, and you Incomparable-may be afraid of this trick. Don’t worry, your fame will be like the dawn. Wait, wait for the long-haired Achaean. Sailing back to their beloved homeland, Then you can break down their parapet and throw it into the sea. A thick layer of sand was laid to level the broad beach surface. In this way, destroy the walls of the Achaeans! In this way, the two of them went back and forth, telling each other. At that time, the sun It had slowly sunk to the west, and the Achaeans had finished their work.
They slaughtered the fatted oxen by the camp and ate their supper. Ships from Lemnos brought them wine, A large fleet of ships, sent by Onius, son of Jason, Born of Hupupupulai, he was Jason, the receiver of the soldiers. They brought the syrup, the son of Jason, to Agamemnon, the son of Atreus. And the gift of Menelaus, a thousand measures, The long-haired Achaeans were given wine in exchange. Some took out bronze, some took out shining cast iron, Some use skins, some use whole live cattle, and some A slave used for war. They prepared a sumptuous meal; Long-haired Achaeans eat and drink freely all night. Dadan. The Trojans and their allies dined in the city. All night long, the resourceful Zeus planned a new disaster. To the Achaeans-the rolling thunders resounded with terror; a great fear reigned. The whole camp. They poured and splashed, and no one dared to make a mistake. Raise a glass and sip before sacrificing Kronos’ mighty son. At the end of the feast, they lay down and received the wish of sleeping soundly. Novel t-xt heaven Volume VIII At that time, the dawn shook off the golden and red woven robes and scattered them all over the earth. Zeus, who loved to blow up mines, summoned all the gods. The party was held on the summit of the ridged Olympus. He faced the admonitions of the gods, and the latter all listened attentively: Listen, all the gods and goddesses! My job It is inspired and driven by the soul. God or goddess, who also Do not contradict My instructions; on the contrary, Agree-that way, I can put an end to these things quickly. If I find out that any of the gods are doing something else behind our backs, To help the Danai army or the Trojans, then, When he returns to Olympus,Coil Nail Making Machine, the lash of lightning will make him lose face. Maybe I’ll pick him up and leave Tartarus in his place, Deep in the earth, the lowest abyss below the surface of the earth. 3shardware.com

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